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Peking Opera gets a new look(B)

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Core Tip:Motion capture techniques were used in the films, which were produced with the help of PekingOpera stars like Shanghai-based Guan Dongtian.

Motion capture techniques were used in the films, which were produced with the help of PekingOpera stars like Shanghai-based Guan Dongtian.

The digital images were then reproduced in a Chinese ink style. The films were directed by WuJun.

"Our purpose is to keep pupils interested, so the films just feature short passages from theoperas," said Zhou Long, vice president of the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts.

"Once we have their interest, we hope they'll want to find out more about it," he said.

One of the movies is "The Drunk Beauty," which tells the story of a concubine called YangYuhuan in Tang Dynasty (618-907), while "The Empty City" tells the tale of Zhuge Liang, afamous politician and strategist who lived during Three Kingdoms period (220-280).


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