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fish protein dry powder 15-1-1

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Brand: Shihong
Unit price: 3382.00 USD/ton
MOQ: 1 ton
Quantity: 1 ton
Delivery date: Since the payment date 7 Days delivery
Delivery Port: shanghai port
Trade Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Standard: SGS
HS Code: 29224
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Cod Fish Organic Fertilizer


light yellow powder

Total nitrogen


available Phosphate(P2O5)






The nutrients of 15-1-1 are immediately available and can grow crops with 1lb /Acre. One pound of 15-1-1 is equal to 5-7 gallons of liquid fish, is equal to 5lbs of soy meal and is 100% water soluble. It will go through drip, micro sprayers and pivot irrigation without clogging. Foliar feed can see results in 4 to 5 days, it greens fast and holds color for months. It attracts bees for fruit and nut pollination as well as improves ripening, resulting in better quality fruit. 15-1-1 helps to increase sugar resulting in better tasting fruits and vegetables. Combine 15-1-1 with compost teas to increase microbial activity in the soil.

besides :

Our products Range:

l Amino Acid Powder 80%,60%,52%,50%,40%

l liquid amino acid fertilizer30%,40%,50%

l Mineral Ca,Mg,Zn,Cu,Mn,Mo,B etc chelate Amino acid fertilizer for plants

l Silk source silk amino acid for Personsal Care/Cosmetic application.

l EDDHA Fe 6% 4.8

l Sugar color (K2O and amino acid)

l Amino acid oligosaccharide peptide 

amino acid powder highest content and hot sale product recommended:

Amino acid powder 85% , with total amino acid 85% and free amino acid 80%,Rich in 18 kinds of amino acids , ASP ,THR,GLU,GLY,ALA,ARG,PRO share 69% amino acid , and as we know ,every amino acid has its own unique function on plants , such as Proline attach a important role of promoting pollen germination and enhance plant ability to anti-stress environment. As well as glutamic acid stimulate seed germination and crop stress resistance ,meanwhile , it pays a important part in plant photosynthesis as a result of increasing crop yield. Glycine is a natural chelating element , it not only could chelate insoluble phosphorus element,but also easy-to-loss  potassium element in soil by turning them into solubale and easily absorbed substance . 



Light yellow powder

Water solubility



5% max

total amino acid

85% min

free amino acid

78% min

total nitrogen

15.5% min


1% max



fish protein dry powder 15-1-1
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