TBN400 Petroleum Lubricant Additives Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate

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Brand: xipeng technology
other names: TBN400
usage: detergents in lubricant oil
Unit price: 3.00 usd/kg
MOQ: 1000 kg
Quantity: 99999 kg
Delivery date: Since the payment date 10 Days delivery
Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)
Delivery Port: Shanghai
Trade Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Cooperative type: Wholesale
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 TBN400 Petroleum Lubricant Additives Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate
With heavy alkyl benzene sulfonic acid as a main raw material, super high-based synthetic calcium sulfonate is prepared by neutralization and super high alkalization reaction. The product has excellent alkaline storage property, good oil solubility and strong acid neutralization capability, and it can immediately neutralize organic aid and inorganic aid in oil; meanwhile it also has excellent high-temperature detergency and thermal stability. It is a preferred addictive for preparing over-based marine cylinder oil.
Product quality characteristics and test method
Items                                                                   Indices 
Appearance                                                        Red-brown viscous liquid
Density( 20°C),kg/m3                                            1150-1250
Kinematic viscosity,( 100°C) mm2/s                                ≤180
Flash point(open cup),°C                                                 ≥180
Total base number, mgKOH/g                                         ≥395
Calcium content,%                                                           ≥14
Sulfur content,%                                                               ≥1.2
Water content,%                                                               ≤0.2
Machinery impurities,%                                                     ≤0.1
Iron Drum: Usually 180-200kg;
IBC Tank: Around 1147kg;
ISO Tank: 20Ton;
(The volume depends on different Density of different products)
Shelf life: two years
The maximum storage temperature should not exceed 45°C. The product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. As it is identical with common petroleum products in safety, environmental protection and application, special protection is not required. Avoid contact with strong oxidant when in use.  In the case of skin contact, wash with detergent and water.

TBN400 Petroleum Lubricant Additives Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate
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